Public Education Session

The key component of the Public Education Session (PES), will be to educate the public on how to use the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), particularly through a drive-thru video. The public will also be provided access to the material through the project website to further supplement their understanding.

The PES will be held prior to the opening of the DDI, and will include a full presentation in the morning followed by an identical presentation in the evening of the same day.

Preparations will be made to all the necessary public education materials and notices in support of the PES.

We encourage those attending the PIC and the PES to learn more about the QEW/Glendale Intersection Reconstruction Project and to share opinions and comments on the information presented. PIC and PES materials will be posted in this section of the website. To receive notification of the PIC and PES, please submit your contact information through the Contact Us page.