Public Information Centres

A PIC will be held to present study progress and receive comments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PIC will be held virtually for all participants. The PIC will be hosted via Zoom video conferencing software. A presentation will be given at the start of the meeting followed by a moderated Question & Answer period.

The timing of the PIC will be arranged so that sufficient information will be available to provide for meaningful review and discussion, and yet be sufficiently early enough to allow the Study Team to incorporate comments prior to finalizing recommendations. A separate session for agencies, municipalities and Indigenous Communities will be held in advance of the PIC.

The following tools will be used to advertise for these events:

  • Letters to those agencies/individuals/organizations on the stakeholder mailing list.
  • Newspaper Advertisements.
  • Website updates.

The purpose of the PIC will be to seek input on:

  • The proposed design details such as landscaping, traffic staging/detours, among others.
  • Potential effects and proposed mitigation measures.

All presentation content and comment sheets will be available on the website to provide an opportunity for the attendees to submit comments, so that they can be considered as the study progresses.