Project Overview

The proposed upgrades include the reconstruction of the QEW/Glendale Avenue Interchange to a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI); reconstruction of the Glendale Avenue/York Road Intersection to a single-lane roundabout with Channelization, and; the construction of a new Airport Road loop ramp and connection road from Glendale Avenue to York Road/Airport Road Intersection.

The Diverging Diamond Interchange will allow for performance improvement by reducing vehicle conflict points along with allowing unrestricted turning movements. It accomplishes this by reconfiguring the traffic lanes to allow for direct access to all four directional highway ramps (two off-ramps, two on-ramps).

The proposed roundabout will provide improvements to the intersection performance by allowing free flow of all high-volume movements which in turn would reduce the current and forecast length of queues related to the westbound and southbound traffic flow.

The new Airport road connection from Glendale Avenue allows for a direct route for traffic to the historic Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake tourist area by removing the need to navigate left and right turns through two intersections within proximity to one another, and by diverting some traffic from the Glendale Avenue/York Road intersection.

The contract has been awarded to Brennan Construction and their design partner, Morrison Hershfield Limited. The design phase of the project is currently underway and will conclude late-2020. The construction phase will start immediately following the design completion in Spring 2021. The Diverging Diamond Interchange will be completed in late-2022 and the project will be completed by late-2023.

A previous Class Environmental Assessment was completed in 2018 that generated and evaluated various alternatives to the interchange; resulting in the selection of a technically preferred alternative that is basis for this current Design-Build undertaking.

The current design process will build upon these recommendations and follow the approved environmental planning process for Group "B" projects under the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000). The projects within the Niagara Region (the roundabout at Glendale Avenue/York Road intersection and the new Airport Road connection from Glendale Avenue) were assessed in accordance with the approved planning process for Schedule "C "projects under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (amended in 2015).

We understand how important the interchange reconstruction is and that there is the potential for the project to impact surrounding communities, local businesses, residents, property owners and the travelling public. As a result, we are committed to communicating up-to-date information about the design and construction of the project. The focus of communications during the design phase is to ensure that interested and affected stakeholders are informed of the project, its benefits and the potential impacts. During the Construction phase, the focus will be on providing information to help minimize disruptions and inconveniences during construction. We recognize that decisions related to the project may impact residents, businesses and the travelling public. Therefore, the Project Team will seek to develop and maintain positive relationships with affected stakeholders by providing timely, accurate and informative communication of project progress, design milestones, construction activities and impacts.

See the Consultation section of this website for details of some of the communication tools that will be used throughout this project to communicate and participate in the project.